Final TMDLs Approved by EPA: Little Youghiogheny River

The Little Youghiogheny River is a tributary of the Youghiogheny River, located in Garrett County, Maryland.  The Youghiogheny River flows northward into Pennsylvania, joining the Monongahela and Allegheny Rivers to form the Ohio River. The mainstem of the river is about 11 miles long.  The watershed of the Little Youghiogheny River covers about 26,000 acres.

The Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) has identified the waters of the Little Youghiogheny River on the State’s 303(d) List submitted to the EPA by MDE as impaired by nutrients (1996 and 1998), sediments (1996), bacteria (2002), metals-methylmercury (2002), and impacts to biological communities (2002).   The designated use of the Little Youghiogheny River is Use III-P (Nontidal Cold Water and Public Water Supply).  The document available below establishes a TMDL for sediments in the Little Youghiogheny River to allow for the attainment of the above mentioned designated use.  The objective of the sediment TMDL established in the document is to ensure that there will be no sediment impacts affecting aquatic health, when aquatic health is evaluated based on Maryland’s biocriteria, thereby establishing a sediment load that supports the Use III-P designation for the Little Youghiogheny watershed.  The watershed sediment load includes the potential effect for water clarity and erosional and depositional impacts, thus accounting for all of the sediment impacts that indicate a sediment impairment per the Maryland 303(d) listing methodology. 

A TMDL for Carbonaceous and Nitrogenous Biological Oxygen Demands, to address the 1996 nutrients listing, has been approved by the EPA (2001).  Also, a TMDL of Phosphorus to address the 1998 nutrients listing for Broadford Lake, an impoundment of the Little Youghiogheny River watershed, was approved by the EPA (2000), and a Water Quality Analysis (WQA) of metals to address the 2002 listing for Broadford Lake was approved by the EPA (2004).  The listings for bacteria and impacts to biological communities will be addressed separately at a future date. 

Total Maximum Daily Load of Sediment in the Little Youghiogheny River Watershed, Garrett County, Maryland

(Approved on February 7, 2007)

EPA's Decision Letter EPA's Decision Letter
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