Final TMDLs Approved by EPA: Lake Roland

Lake Roland is an impoundment located in the Jones Falls, a tributary to the Patapsco River Mesohaline Chesapeake Bay Segment. The watershed draining to the impoundment covers approximately 96.8 square kilometers (23,910 acres) and spans portions of Baltimore County and Baltimore City. Lake Roland initially served as the first municipal water supply for the city of Baltimore, with the dam constructed around 1860, but the lake was abandoned as a water supply in 1915 because of silting problems. Although most of the lake is located just north of the city limits, it is owned and managed by Baltimore City.

Maryland water quality regulations specify that all surface waters of the State shall be protected for water contact recreation, fishing, and protection of aquatic life. The specific designated use of Lake Roland is Use I – Water Contact Recreation, and Protection of Non-tidal Warmwater Aquatic Life, which applies to waters that are suitable for: a) water contact sports; b) play and leisure activities where individuals may come in direct contact with the surface water; c) fishing; d) the growth and propagation of fish, other aquatic life, and wildlife; e) agricultural water supply; and f) industrial water supply. The Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) has identified the waters of the Lake Roland impoundment (Integrated Report Assessment Unit ID: MD-02130904-Lake_Roland) on the State's 2012 Integrated Report as impaired by chlordane (1996) and PCBs in fish tissue (2002).
The document, available below, establishes total PCB (tPCB) TMDLs for the Lake Roland impoundment, for which a data solicitation was conducted, and all readily available data from the past 5 years have been considered. A chlordane TMDL was approved by the EPA in 2001. The Lake Roland impoundment was delisted for chlordane in the State's 2012 Integrated Report as data collected in 2007 established that fish tissue concentrations for chlordane were below the fish consumption listing threshold.

Total Maximum Daily Loads of Polychlorinated Biphenyls in Lake Roland of Jones Falls Watershed in Baltimore County and Baltimore City, Maryland

(Approved on June 30, 2014)

EPA's Decision Letter

EPA's Decision Letter
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MDE's Decision Letter Edits

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