Final TMDLs Approved by EPA: Chicamacomico River

The Chicamacomico River in the Transquaking River watershed is located in Dorchester County, Maryland. It originates southeast of the East New Market area and finally drains to the Chesapeake Bay through the Transquaking River roughly one mile due north of Bestpitch. 

The Transquaking River (02130308) was identified on the State's list of water quality limited segments (WQLSs) as impaired by nutrients, due to signs of eutrophication expressed as low dissolved oxygen, and suspended sediments.  The list acknowledged that only a portion of the watershed might be impaired, and that with additional information, the spatial boundaries of the impairment could be refined.  The document available below establishes nitrogen and phosphorus TMDLs to address a localized nutrient impairment in the Chicamacomico River.  The nutrient impairment within other portions of the Transquaking River watershed were addressed by nitrogen and phosphorus TMDLs in 1999. The suspended sediment impairment will be addressed separately. 

TMDLs of Nitrogen and Phosphorus for the Chicamacomico River In Dorchester County, MD

(Approved on February 28, 2001)
EPA's Decision Letter EPA's Decision Letter 
Main Report chica_tmdl_main_fin.pdf (135 KB)
Appendix A chica_appx_fin.pdf (194 KB)
Technical Memorandum chica_techmemo_fin.pdf (9 KB)
Comment Response Document chica_crd_fin.pdf (9 KB)


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