Final TMDLs Approved by EPA: Marley Creek and Furnace Creek

Marley Creek and Furnace Creek are located in Anne Arundel County.  Furnace Creek drains to Marley Creek, and the latter drains to Curtis Creek, which eventually discharges to the Patapsco River.  The drainage area, affecting the water quality of the impaired area of Marley Creek and Furnace Creek, is 16,728 acres.

Marley Creek and Furnace Creek are designated as Use I: Water Contact Recreation and Protection of Nontidal Warmwater Aquatic Life (COMAR  Marley Creek and Furnace Creek were first identified on the 1998 303(d) List submitted to EPA by the Maryland Department of the Environment. The designated use in the creeks were listed as impaired by elevated levels of bacteria.  In the 2008 Integrated Report of Surface Water Quality (Category 5 is the 303(d) List), the bacteria impairment (enterococci) was clarified for these creeks. The designated uses in Baltimore Harbor were listed as impaired by sediments (1996), nutrients (1996), bacteria (1998), polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs, 1998), various metals (1998), impacts to biological communities (2002) and debris/floatables/trash (2008).  The document, available below, establishes a TMDL for enterococci bacteria in Marley Creek and Furnace Creek, which will allow for the attainment of their designated use.  A TMDL was completed for the nutrient listing in 2007.  The listings for sediments, impacts to biological communities, PCBs, metals and debris/floatables/trash in the Baltimore Harbor Basin will be addressed at a future date. 

Total Maximum Daily Loads of Bacteria for Impaired Recreational Areas in Marley Creek and Furnace Creek of Baltimore Harbor Basin in Anne Arundel County, Maryland

(Approved on March 10, 2011)

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