Nonpoint Source Program (CWA Section 319)

Statewide Road Salt Efforts

Maryland State Highway Administration

Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration (SHA) has already shown progress in road salt reductions after adopting new opportunities for improvement. These practices include increased proactive anti-icing, tracking salt usage and application rates, and deploying new equipment with Automatic Vehicle Location systems to improve communications. MDE partnered with SHA to update their Statewide Salt Management Plan to increase safety, reduce costs, and improve the environment.

For additional information please see SHA's 2019 Salt Management plan​ (leaving MDE's website) or the 2018-2019 Winter Operations Fact Sheet (leaving MDE's website).

Salt Application Training & Resources

Developed in Minnesota, this training program will help applicators and their surrounding communities reduce their salt usage. This will save money and be beneficial to Maryland's streams and drinking reservoirs, all while maintaining road safety. There are three different types of trainings:
  • Commercial Applicators: for individuals that maintain walkways, parking lots or service roads
  • Road​ Crews: for individuals that operate snowplows 
  • Property Managers: for individuals who pledge to reduce salt usage on their properties and hire trained salt applicators  

 For additional information please see the Minnesota Smart Salt​ website (leaving MDE's website).​​