Caroline County Recycling Services

​​​Information contained here is general recycling information gathered by MDE. More detailed recycling information is available on the County Recycling Fact Sheets.​​

Recycling Coordinator

Kevin Brown
(410) 479-4151
Fax: (410) 479-0409

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  • Listing of Dropoff Facilities​

  • Curbside Pick up: by Municipality
    Materials Collected: Aluminum/steel cans, bottles, newspaper; (Denton collects only yard waste and bulky items)

  • Yard Trimmings: Dropoff
    Services: Compost Facility, Grasscycling

  • Special Materials
    Materials Collected: HHW, clothing, white goods, telephone books, automobile batteries, electronics, mercury thermometers

​Additional Information:

Dedicated Commercial Staff: No
County Building Recycling: Yes
School Recycling: Yes
Per ton Disposal fee: $67.00
Program Financing: Tipping fees, $5 surcharge on the tipping fee supports the Mid-Shore Program