What is Environmental Justice?

The concept behind the term environmental justice (EJ) is that all people– regardless of their race, color, national origin or income –are able to enjoy equally high levels of environmental protection.

Which communities are most vulnerable to EJ issues? 

Low-income and minority communities are most vulnerable to EJ issues. Often these communities do not have an organized community group that can serve as a point of contact. Additionally, these communities may house a disproportionate amount of polluting facilities putting residents at a much higher risk for health problems from environmental exposures.

How can communities affected by EJ issues deal with environmental issues?

It is important that communities affected by EJ become aware of the environmental issues in their area, participate in the policy-making process and utilize resources available from government and private entities in order to ensure safe, healthy and sustainable communities for all.

History of EJ in the United States and Maryland

 Timeline of Environmental Justice events in the United States and Maryland