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Climate Change Survey (works only on IE)
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1. Please describe your thoughts about climate change. I believe climate change is happening *
1.a Climate change is mostly caused by
2. How informed are you about the ... *
  Not at all Somewhat Very
a. Causes of climate change 
b. Local impacts of climate change 
c. Global impacts of climate change 
d. Actions I can take to lessen climate impacts 
3. Where do you find most of your information on Climate Change *
4. Regarding environmental issues like climate change, how influenced are you by the following? *
  Not at all Somewhat Very
a. Friends/family 
b. Scientists 
c. Major media 
d. Politicians 
e. Clergy 
5. Are you currently doing or considering the following transportation options? (Select Not Applicable if you cannot perform an action.) *
  Currently Doing Considering Not Applicable
a. Carpool or rideshare 
b. Public transit 
c. Walking or biking 
d. Purchasing an energy-efficient vehicle (hybrid, electric) 
e. Combining trips or errands 
f. Routinely maintaining your vehicle 
6. What actions are you taking in your home? (Select Not Applicable if you cannot perform an action.) *
  Currently Doing Considering Not Applicable
a. Using energy-efficient lighting (CFLs, LEDs, etc) 
b. Insulating windows, doors, and roofs 
c. Closing curtains to keep room temperatures comfortable 
d. Using programmable thermostats 
e. Using dehumidifiers 
f. Turning off lights, TVs, computers and similar devices when not in use 
g. Unplugging chargers for cell phones and similar devices when not in use 
h. Installing solar- or geothermal-powered heat pumps 
i. Installing solar panels or wind turbines to generate electricity 
j. Recycling goods 
k. Composting kitchen and yard waste 
l. Buying goods made of recycled materials 
m. Purchasing EnergyStar rated appliances 
n. Patronizing neighborhood businesses 
o. Buying locally-produced goods and food 
p. Encouraging others to take actions such as those listed above 
7. What motivates you to take the transportation choices and perform actions inyour home? *
Please tell us about yourself.
a. What is your age?
b. What is your gender?
c. What is your highest level of education?
d. What is your household income?
e. In what Maryland county do you live? *