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Maryland State Government Maryland Department of the Environment

Land Management Permits

MDE Permitting Administration: 

MDE’s Land Management Administration (LMA) protects human health and preserves and restores our land and water resources by reducing the quantity and toxicity of generated wastes through recycling and source reduction, ensuring the control and proper disposal of waste, managing lead paint compliance, assuring that oil is handled in an environmentally safe manner and overseeing the remediation of contaminated sites for viable economic development. This is achieved by maintaining a highly visible presence in the regulated community, providing assistance to stakeholders, and developing long-term strategies for waste management needs.

PROGRAMS AND OFFICES administered by LMA are:

  • Solid Waste Program
  • Hazardous Waste Program
  • Oil Control Program
  • Land Restoration Program
  • Lead Poisoning Prevention Program
  • Technical Services and Operations Program 
  • Mining Program 


Permitting facilities and conducting compliance inspections to assure the proper management of solid waste, hazardous waste, sewage sludge, petroleum products, medical waste, scrap tires, and natural wood waste.

Administering the remediation of leaking underground storage tank (UST) sites and the laws relating to the proper installation and operation of tanks at over 15,000 sites statewide.

Administering a “Superfund” program, which assesses suspected hazardous waste sites, including federal facilities, to control and remove environmental and public health threats through site cleanups and remedial actions.

Administering a voluntary cleanup program for sites with environmental contamination to encourage increased cleanups and the reuse or redevelopment of abandoned industrial and commercial properties.

Registering and inspecting vehicles which transport hazardous materials to ensure that wastes are properly and safely handled during transportation.

The Land Management Administration also has other non-permit programs which facilitate local and regional planning for solid waste and low level radioactive waste management, administer Maryland’s lead paint program, provide accreditation of lead service activities, maintain the childhood lead poisoning registry, and track the incidence of lead poisoning in the State.

As part of the Land Management Administration’s commitment to improved customer service while protecting the environment, general permits have been developed for oil facilities with wastewater discharges to improve efficiency and service to stakeholders by reducing the time necessary to obtain required permits and approvals.  General permits are being developed for oil operations and are already available for natural wood waste recycling facilities.

Land Management Permits, Licenses, and Approvals

Solid Waste Program

2.01 Refuse Disposal Permit
2.02 Ground Water Discharge Permit for Rubble Landfills
2.04 Natural Wood Waste Recycling Facility Permit

Oil Control Program
2.06 Oil Operations Permit
2.07 Oil Operations Permit for Oil-Contaminated Soils
2.08 Oil Transfer License
2.09 Oil Control Program General Wastewater Discharge Permits
2.10 Surface Water Discharge Permit for Oil Terminals
2.11 Ground Water Discharge Permit for Oil Terminals
2.12 Underground Storage Tank Technician, Remover, or Inspector Certification
2.13 Underground Storage Tank Removal/Abandonment 30-Day Written Notification
2.14 Notification for Underground Storage Tanks 

Waste Diversion and Utilization Program
2.03 Sewage Sludge Utilization Permits
2.05 Scrap Tire Licenses and Approvals
2.15 Controlled Hazardous Substance Facility Permit
2.16 Hazardous Waste; EPA Identification Number
2.17 Controlled Hazardous Substance Hauler, Vehicle and Driver Certification
2.18 Special Medical Waste Hauler and Vehicle Certification and Identification Number
2.23 Animal Feeding Operations

Scrap Tire Licenses and Approvals
Scrap Tire Licenses and Report Forms are located on MDE's Land Permits Applications and Instructions web page.

Lead Poisoning Prevention Program
2.19 Lead Paint Abatement Services Accreditation Guide
2.20 Lead Paint Abatement Services Training Provider, Courses; Instructor Accreditation Guide 
2.21 Lead Paint Rental Unit Registration Permit

Land Restoration Program
2.22 Voluntary Cleanup Program 

Mining Program
3.08 Coal Mining Permit
3.09 Surface Coal Mining Blaster Certification
3.10 Coal Mining Operator License
3.11 Non-Coal Mining Permit
3.12 Surface Mining License
3.13 Oil and Gas Exploration and Production

 Land Permits Applications and Instructions


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