Volunteer Enforcement Corp Tasks

The primary task of the Volunteer Enforcement Corps will be helping to monitor the amount of sediment nonpoint source pollution that flows into Maryland waterways and the Chesapeake Bay.

Contractors that undertake projects that disturb more than an acre of soil are required to apply for a General Permit for Stormwater Discharges Associated with Constructio​n Activity​ (General Permit.)  Conditions of the General Permit require that contractors who have applied for the permit:

  1. During construction, maintain at the site the approved erosion and sediment control plans.
  2. Conduct the following inspections at all sites covered by this permit, including active and inactive sites:
    • weekly inspections of implemented erosion and sediment controls; and
    • inspections of erosion and sediment controls the next day after a rainfall event resulting in runoff.
  3. Maintain at the site written reports of all inspections conducted by the permittee that include:
    • the date and time of the inspection;
    • the name(s) of the individual(s) who performed the inspection;
    • an assessment of the condition of erosion and sediment controls;
    • a description of any erosion and sediment control implementation and maintenance performed; and
    • a description of the site’s present phase of construction.
  4. Maintain all inspection reports and enforcement actions issued to the permittee by the appropriate enforcement authority.
  5. Permitees must retain the records described in Part IV. B. 1., 3., and 4. and records of all data used to complete the NOI to be covered by this permit for a period of three (3) years from the date that the site is finally stabilized.

The Volunteer Enforcement Corps’ primary task will be to audit the contractors’ logs for compliance to the General Permit.  Members of the Volunteer Enforcement Corps will be taught how to complete this task by a member of MDE’s staff.  Increased monitoring of this permit will help to reduce the amount and impact of stormwater runoff on Maryland’s watersheds.

Tasks that relate to the primary goal of the Volunteer Enforcement Corps include maintaining rainfall databases used to audit contractors’ logs, updating the site location maps in Google Earth, and preparing the request and notification packages that will be sent out to contractors.

For more information, please contact Nadine Jackson-Bey at 410-537-3086 or Nadine.Hailey@maryland.gov.

Note:  As of April 2014, VEC has been replaced by the MDE Volunteer Corps and Internship Program.

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