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Maryland State Government Maryland Department of the Environment


General/Introductory Material

 Commissioners' responses to survey

 Memorandum to Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission

 Ohio Oil and Gas Summary (2011)

 Utah Department of Natural Resources Division of Oil, Gas and Mining: Hydraulic Fracturing Regulation in Utah

Bipartisan Policy Center - Shale Gas: New Opportunities, New Challenges

Fracking Opinion Survey

DOE, Modern Shale Gas in the United States: A Primer (2009).

Maryland Department of Natural Resources: Maryland Geological Survey, Is there a Natural Gas Boom in Maryland’s Future? (2010).

Pennsylvania Governor's Marcellus Shale Advisory Commission Report (2011).

DOE, Briefing to the SEAB Natural Gas Subcommittee to Examine Shale in Maryland (2011).

Maryland Department of Natural Resources: Maryland Geological Survey: David K. Brezinski, Geology of the Marcellus Shale in Maryland, (2010).


Landowner/Leasing Resources

 Fambrough, Judon, Minerals, Surface Rights and Royalty Payments

Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler Warns Landowners:  Before Signing a Mineral Rights Lease, Check Your Mortgage

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, 5500-FS-DEP4300, PA-DEP Recommended Basic Oil & Gas Pre-Drill Parameters (2010).

McMahon, David B., Information about Oil and Gas Leasing for Surface Owners Who Also Own Their Minerals (2008).

McMahon, David B. et al, West Virginia Surface Owners Guide to Oil and Gas: 2ed (2005).


Environmental Effects/Protection

  ODNR, Preliminary Report on the Northstar 1 Class II Injection Well and the Seismic Events in the Youngstown, Ohio Area

National Sea Grant Law Center and Pennsylvania Sea Grant, Citizens’ Guide to Marcellus Shale in Pennsylvania (2010).

National Energy Technology Laboratory: Daniel J. Soeder, Resource and Environmental Studies on Marcellus Shale.


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Air Quality

 Enviornmental Defense Fund - Methane Leakage From Natural Gas Operations

EPA, Addressing Air Emissions from the Oil and Natural Gas Industry: Overview of EPA's Proposed NSP Standards and NESHAPs (2011).


Groundwater Protection

 EPA, Investigation of Groundwater Contamination Near Pavillion, Wyoming (2011)

Révész, Kinga M. et al., Carbon and Hydrogen Isotopic Evidence for the Origin of Combustible Gases in Water-Supply Wells in North-Central Pennsylvania, 25 Applied Geochemistry 1845-1859 (2010).


Surface Water Protection

 Gradient, Evaluation of Potential Impacts of Hydraulic Fracturing on Microbial Processes

Susquehanna River Basin Commission: Jim Richenderfer, Natural Gas Industry Effects on Water Consumption and Management (2011).


Drinking Water Quality

 Halliburton, Response to Allegations Concerning Hydraulic Fracturing (2010)

Osborn, Stephen G. et al.,  Methane Contamination of Drinking Water Accompanying Gas-Well Drilling and Hydraulic Fracturing, PNAS Early Edition (2011). 


Habitat/Ecosystem Protection

The Nature Conservancy:  Nels Johnson, Marcellus Gas Development and Habitat Impacts (2011).


Climate Change

 Alvarez, Ramon A., et al., Greater Focus Needed on Methane Leakage from Natural Gas Infrastructure (2012)

Howarth, Robert W. et al., Methane and the Greenhouse-Gas Footprint of Natural Gas from Shale Formations A Letter, 106 Climatic Change 679-690 (2011).


Public Health

 Maryland Public Health Study

 Bamberger, Michelle and Robert E. Oswald, Impact of Gas Drilling on Human and Animal Health (2012)

Laughrey, Christopher D. and Fred J. Baldassare, Identifying Sources of Stray Carbon Dioxide Gas Contamination in Western Pennsylvania.

University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health: Conrad D. Volz et al, Contaminant Characterization of Effluent from Pennsylvania Brine Treatment Inc., Josephine Facility: Implications for Disposal of Oil and Gas Flowback Fluids from Brine Treatment Plants (2011).



 EPA, Overview of Final Amendments to Air Regulations for the Oil and Natural Gas Industry Fact Sheet (2012)

EPA, Addressing Air Emissions from the Oil and Natural Gas Industry: Overview of EPA's Proposed NSP Standards and NESHAPs (2011).

Memorandum from James A. Hanlon, Director, EPA Office of Wastewater Management to Water Division Directors, EPA Regions 1-10, Regulating Natural Gas Drilling in the Marcellus Shale Under the NPDES Program (Mar. 16, 2011).

Pennsylvania Governor's Marcellus Shale Advisory Commission Report (2011).

EPA, Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting from the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry: Background Technical Support Document (2010).


Economic/Community Effects

 Ohio Shale Coalition, The Economic Potential for Shale Formations in Ohio

Cornell University Community & Regional Development Institute, CaRDI Reports, Susan Christopherson, September 2011

How Should We Think About the Economic Consequences of Shale Gas Drilling?, Susan Christopherson and Rightor, Ned, May 2011

Workforce Development Challenges in the Natural Gas Industry, Jeffrey Jacquet, February 2011



Standards and Guidelines

 EPA Standards Performance Crude Oil Natural Gas Production Transmission Distribution

API Energy, GHF101, Hydraulic Fracturing Operations – Well Construction and Integrity Guidelines (2009). – Currently under the heading “Technologies”



 Ely, John W., Game Changing Technology for Treating and Recycling Frac Water (2011)

Mazza, R. L., Liquid-free stimulations- CO2\Sand Dry-Frac, Conference Proceedings of Natural Gas, Conference of Emerging Technologies for Natural Gas Industry (1997).


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