Applying for (or Renewing) Reciprocal Recognition of an Out-of-State License

Applying for (or Renewing) Reciprocal Recognition of an Out-of-State Radioactive Material License

If you wish to use radioactive materials in Maryland under the terms of your NRC or other Agreement State radioactive materials license, you must first obtain an authorization letter from the Department by following the procedures listed below. Once you have been assigned a Maryland reciprocal license number, you may work in Maryland after providing the Department with 3 days advance notice of each job.

The requirements for application, or renewal of your reciprocal license, are as follows:

Upon review of your application and verification of your license, you will receive a Payment Transmittal Form which will provide the fee amount that must be paid to the Department for your one year authorization period. The fee is based on the type of work you will be performing in Maryland. Fee amounts are identical to the fee amounts for Maryland licensees performing the same type of work.

Upon fee payment, you will receive a letter from the Department providing your Maryland reciprocity number. This letter will also provide instructions for notifying the Department when you will be working in Maryland (see below). Additionally, the letter will llst requirements that must be met while you are at the worksite.

WORK NOTIFICATIONS.  See Notifying MDE of Reciprocity Requests.  Notification will include location of work site, specific days you will be at the worksite, and other required information.

Your reciprocal radioactive material license will be valid for a one year period. If you wish to continue work in Maryland after the expiration of this time period, you must apply for renewal of your reciprocal license, using the same procedure described on this page, and paying the annual fee amount applicable at time of renewal.

For further information, please contact Jim Lewis at 410-537-3300.