The Maryland Commission on Climate Change advises Governor Larry Hogan and the General Assembly of Maryland on ways to prepare for, mitigate the causes of and adapt to the effects of climate change. The Commission is the author of the Maryland Greenhouse Gas ​Reduction Plan and is responsible for updating and revising the Plan as needed. The Commission works to:
  • ​Establish partnerships with local, state, regional and federal governments,
  • Build understanding and effective communication with diverse communities including businesses, environmental advocacy organizations, and other individuals and groups,
  • Based on sound research, identify potential impacts of climate change on Maryland's people and natural environment, and
  • Develop and promote strategies and actions to support the goals of the Maryland Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan.

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About MCCC​​

The Commission was established by a 2007 Executive Order and its mission was strengthened by a subsequent Executive Order in 2014 and legislation in 2015. The Commission publishes annual reports.​​

The Commission is supported by a Steering Committee and four working groups. These working groups represent diverse stakeholder interests and bring broad perspective and expertise to the Commission's work.

For information about the Maryland Commission on Climate Change, please contact Brian Hug:
Phone: 1-800-633-6101 or 1-800-735-2258 (TTY via MD Relay Service)

The Maryland Commission on Climate Change is interested in hearing from you. Please send an email to with your comments or recommendations.​

The 2012 GGRA ​Plan​

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