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Current Air Quality Conditions

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Ambient Air Monitoring Program

The Ambient Air Monitoring Program measures ground-level concentrations of criteria pollutants and air toxics, along with surface and aloft meteorological parameters. The Program also performs quality control, quality assurance, and analysis of the pollutant concentrations that are measured at each of the air monitoring stations located throughout Maryland. It is responsible for Air Quality Index (AQI) reporting and issuing daily air quality forecasts as well as coordination of 3D air-shed photochemical grid and dispersion modeling.

In addition, the Program collaborates with local universities to conduct special atmospheric monitoring research to better characterize aloft and surface atmospheric pollutant concentrations. These research initiatives support air quality planning and regulations development.

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Air Quality Forecast Discussion:

Partly sunny skies on Tuesday will increase ozone compared to the past several clean days. However, increased surface winds in the afternoon will help to limit concentrations to the low Moderate range. Wednesday will be mostly clear, helping ozone concentrations reach into the Moderate range. Particle concentrations will likely reach into the Moderate range as well. There is a chance of smoke from Canadian wildfires reaching the region by Wednesday. Thursday will be cloudy with scattered showers, limiting ozone to the Good range. However, stagnant converging winds and the continued threat of smoke will help push particle concentrations into the Moderate range for another day. - MDE/PSAQFO

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